annual checkup

I went to the hospital to take annual health checkup yesterday afternoon. 続きを読む


Painful Gastroscope

I took Ningen-dock this morning. Ningen-dock means medical checkup, but it covers wider examinations than ‘Kenkoo-Shindan’, normal medical checkup.
I had options how to check my stomach. One was the way of using barium and taking X-ray, another one was gastroscope.
I chose the latter, because when I had barium before, even when I had laxative, it took for a few days to output barium completely, and while it was inside of me, I was feeling bad.
However, the gastroscope examination was harder for me to take it. I had to put up with vomiting the camera which was inserted by my doctor. I was unable to stop my tears during the examination. Additionally, after a few hours, I had a strong head ache.
In the next medical checkup, I won’t choose gastroscope examination.