Looking for Wi-Fi modules

I’m looking for Wi-Fi module which can be connected with a microcontroller.

The current candidates are the follows.
Rohm BP359x

I’m going to weigh them, in terms of availability, power consumption, etc…
WiFiモジュールを探してます。一応 上にリストアップしてるのが現候補です。入手性、消費電力、その他を考慮してどれにするか決めます。

uC which can be connected with image sensors, イメージセンサと接続可能なフラッシュマイコン

I looked for microcontrollers which can be connected with image sensors, like a CMOS image sensor. It has to comply with the following conditions.

  1. It can execute without external DDR and flash memory.
  2. It can be connected with CMOS image sensor directly.
  3. It has SPI interface.
I found out the followings.
  1. renesas RX631
  2. nxp LPC1857
  3. microchip PIC32
  4. STMicro STM32F2, STM32F4
  5. Atmel SAM3S
  6. freescale i.MX25

I’d like to type what are the differences soon.