Natural Farming

I want to do natural farming.
I want to move to be easy to do natural farming.
I want to reduce money effection against me.


Satoyama Shihonshugi(Village forest capitalism)

I read this book. That’s what I keep saying. People can reduce money affection less than now, when they live rural or suburb area.

They can grow vegetables and the other foods by themselves. They can reduce to spend money to buy foods. They can get wood from mountain near there. They can use wood when they cook, when they get warm. They can reduce to use electric power and gas power.

I want to live in rural area, but I also try to live abroad. That’s a problem. Which wish should I focus on at first.

Dog Tama

What is ‘Dog Tama’?
It is ‘Inu no Tama’ in Japanese.
It is the handle name of one of my friends.

I walk up stairs from 1st floor to 15th floor on every lunch break in order to keep my climbing ability. Climbing up the stairs reminds me of Inu no Tama.

He was a snowboader who lived in Hokkaidoo.
When I went to Hokkaidoo, he played snowboarding with me. He could climb up deep snow mountain too fast for me to follow him.

After I left Hokkaidoo, I began to climb up stairs at the office building on every weekday, because I wanted to be able to follow him.

Even after he passed away suddenly due to avalanche, I still keep climbing stairs. He tried to drop steep slope, and he couldn’t survive.

I also have a dream that I play snowboarding on my ideal specific good slope in the deep mountain area.

When I succeed to drop me down into the slope, when I come back to human dominated area, I want to report to him that I make it.

I am over 40s, but I still keep my dream and that’s why I climb up stairs every weekday from 1st floor to 15th floor, once a day.