Mutilation Murder Case

There was a mutilation murder case at my home on last Sunday. The victim was made by Canon a several years ago. His name was “pixus 320i”. He became a member of my family before my wedding. He is very small and light so I could bring into a car and I could print out inside car. He could print out new year greeting cards or something. I went to Hokkaidoo with hime once. 1 month ago, he became unable to print out. So I tried to operate on him for recovery. I took apart him. But I could not fix him again. And my wife could not fix too.

I have no idea to assemble just only one parts. It is a very small white parts. I’m going to hate to see him leave my family. But I ordered a new printer. I will be deliverd it today.


TOEIC score on 30th-Nov.

My TOEIC score was 710 on 30th-Nov. Listening score was 350. Reading score was 360.
It was amazing and tremendous growth score for me. It was not wrong with the way of study, I suppose.

Backache and House

I went to orthopedic surgery hospital last morning. I suffered backache for 3 or 4 days. But its pain is getting less each day. The doctor took X-ray at my low back. And he asked me about my condition, and he palpated my low back. I got some kind of electrical therapy, and I got some medicine for pain.
After that, I buy some vegitables and meats at shops.
And I went out for seeking house with my family by my car.
We checked 4 properties. Each of them were very good, I suppose. We could see a nice view from one of them. But it seemed that my wife felt not so good. She grew up on more rich family than me. There is a huge gap between hers and mine about thinking of a house to live. I want to comply with her requests to live in a good house. But I might not be able to do that.
I requested her to make a curry rice at last night. I support cooking just only to fry onions. She gave me a delicious curry.

Chinese Foods

I went to Motomachi with my wife and daughter. Its China town was very crowded. We went into a Chinese foods restaulant. We ate some foods. But I prefer Gyooza-no-Ooshoo.


We had the first frost of this season at Suita-city in this morning. But it was not so cold.
My wife found the next target. It is very very expensive. I can not believe that she said that she wants to buy. I want to live in Hokkaido or Nagano-ken. But my wife wants to live in the near area of her parents.