Dental Checkup

I came to the dentist Tanida with mt daughters for mt dental checkup this morning.


キレる子供ならぬ光ファイバー(eo光 品質悪い すぐ切れる)


2014/5/30 6:08~6:10頃 インターネットが急に使えない状態になっていました。ブロードバンドルータのログには下記が計8回出ていました。
「PPPoE: Receive PADT TAG」

また、本現象は1~2日に1回~数回程度 発生しています。
サーバ側または我が家に至るまでの途中の経路で問題がないか、なぜこの「PPPoE: Receive PADT TAG」が出ているのかを ご教授ねがいます。




Now is the time to learn about the past

China and Russia conflict with the neighbor countries.
Japan has territorial issues with China, Russia and Korea.
Now is the time to learn about the past.
How can we solve these issues?

It is not enough only to say ‘War should be avoided.’.
What is important is how to avoid it.

Japan can be a good arbitrator because Japan has experience to fight U.S, and to lose a lot of things.

We can imagine how past Japan can avoid the past war.
We can imagine what kind of actions the other countries were able to do to avoid the war at that time.

We must be proactive to do that.

…to be continued.

What I was shocked slightly

In February this year, I had what I was shocked silghtly.

I met one of my friends who love powder snow for the 1st time in 5 or 6 years.
When we talked, he said ‘Uchira’, and I noticed I was not included in his ‘Uchira’.
That was natural, but that shocked me, and I felt sad.
I won’t accuse anyone.
He was not bad, I should say he is a good and kind guy.
Time flies, and my watch looked like to stand still.
Our situations changed.
It might be difficult for us to act as ski bam.
It might be rare case for us to play together again.
However, for me, it is precious time that I played snowboard with him, forever.
Even when that was immature to play on white mountain.
I was excited, and I enjoyed profoundly.
Thank you, and good luck.
You can keep being good father, and you can enjoy powder snow forever.


  日付 行先   一緒に行った人
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