I attended a wedding ceremony and reception at San-no-miya. I managed to arrive at the venue just in time because I made a pit stop after getting off the train. The venue looked like very formal. The bridal couple appeared at the ceremony wearing white costumes. The groom looked like much a fine adult than used to be.
At the end of reception, the bride read out the letter to her father. It made me cry.
Anyway, I was very surprised that Ms. Y M and Mr. Y had married already. Both of them were the project members which I belonged a few years ago. They looked like to be steady when I worked with them. But it was amazing news that they were married.
It was the best wedding reception I have ever been to.



The wind was so strong that the carpet which air out at my balcony has fallen down from 5th floor to the ground in this afternoon. It was so amazing.


On last Thursday night, when I went to Konami sports club for Kikoo(気功), I saw the bicycle in front of Konami. It was just the same type as the bicycle which I used in Vietnam. It was more comfortable than the one I use now. That bicycle brought back my Vietnam memories in vivid. That bicycle is made by Giant(bicycle company).


From last Sunday morning, I kept parking my bicycle at Shoojaku(正雀). Last Sunday, I have to go to funeral wake at night, so I couldn’t go home by my bicycle. Last Monday night, I was very exausted so I coundn’t also. I went to Shoojaku in this afternoon. I was so glad to see my bicycle for the first time in 3 days.
After getting my bicycle, I went to Nakagai climbing gym by my bicycle. It took 25 minutes from Shoojaku to the gym. The gym was so empty that I could climb the wall anywhere I want. I got pump only 1 hour after starting climb.


I am looking for a house to live in. Mainly I am looking for it from existing-homes. But if it is cost under my budget, then I will buy a new house.
I would go to tour of a new house inspection. The company is “Mountain Homes”. Its URL is
In this afternoon I try to call them. But I coundn’t reach them. I heard the telephone announce that “お客様のおかけになった電話番号は現在使われておりません。番号をお確かめの上…”. It means that “The number you have reached is not in service.”. Oi gioi ooooooooooooi.
It seeems that a very good company to construct a new north American sytle house.
Maybe it just went out of business, I suppose.

Work on holidays

I went to work this holiday. I waked up at 7 AM in this morning. After breakfast I had a short sleep. That was the plan. But I waked up 9 or 9:30 AM. I was going to wake up at 8:45 AM.
Anyway I went to work. The Hankyuu Kyoto line has many option to get somewhere, for example, Tsuukin-Tokkyuu(limited express for commute), Tokkyuu, Kaisoku-kyuukoo, Junkyuu and Futsuu. But today, I saw the train which I have never seen before. It was Kaisoku. There are notice “It is special time table on Nov-22th – 24th” at the station. I felt something like having better value.
Before arriving at the work, I bought something to eat because my wife couldn’t go out. After I finished my today’s work, it’s 11 PM. I went back home with the last train. I will take the day off tomorrow in lieu.